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The Phygital Sustainability Expo®, an unparalleled event in the Museum of the Imperial Fora (Rome), dedicated solely to the sustainable transition in fashion through technological innovation, recently bore witness to an extraordinary Fashion Show Narrata® showcasing Benedetti Life, an emblem of sustainable luxury fashion.

Taking center stage at the Narrata® was a resplendent burgundy Benedetti Life Haute Couture dress meticulously crafted from apple skin material—a groundbreaking textile forged from the very waste of the food industry, produced in Alto Adige. Adorned with overlapping petals, the dress radiated an enchanting allure, it's every thread an embodiment of Benedetti Life's unyielding commitment to seeking circular and animal-friendly alternatives to traditional leather, all the while minimizing the toll on our environment. This masterpiece not only showcased the boundless possibilities of sustainable fashion but also left an indelible mark, a testament to its profound impact.


IMG 20230712 WA0013Benedetti Life's unwavering advocacy for slow fashion and the exclusive use of sustainable materials reverberates with an unwavering concern for the very fabric of our planet. Employing only non-toxic, circular, and biodegradable materials, each exquisitely crafted piece emanates reverence for our Earth. Crafted with meticulous care, these creations naturally degrade within a mere five months, leaving behind no trace but a legacy of cleaner water, purer air, and revitalized soil. Through these designs, the visionary founder Matea Benedetti ignites a beacon of awareness, illuminating the vital importance of responsible fashion practices.

Benedetti Life transcends the conventional confines of fashion, beckoning us to embrace sustainability as our guiding principle. These creations epitomize the profound notion that sustainable fashion can harmonize beauty and grace without inflicting destruction. They echo an urgent plea for sustainable practices that nourish not only humanity but the entirety of our delicate ecosystem, replete with its magnificent array of flora and fauna.

In Benedetti Life's vision, beauty and creativity are entwined harmoniously with responsible practices. This paradigm shift inspires globally a new generation of designers and consumers alike, urging them to make sustainability their guiding light. By blazing a trail in the fashion industry, Benedetti Life illuminates the path toward a future where sustainable IMG 20230712 WA0015fashion is not merely an aspiration but an absolute imperative. In embracing innovative technologies, fostering circularity, and promoting the use of sustainable materials, policymakersIMG 20230712 WA0014 possess the key to shaping an industry that cherishes both style and sustainability, intertwining them inextricably.

Now, more than ever, we stand on the precipice of an unparalleled opportunity to champion sustainability, to cultivate a future where verdant possibilities flourish, and where ethical principles guide our every stride. Together, let us forge ahead and cultivate a greener, more conscious tomorrow for all—where fashion becomes a conduit for change, illuminating a path to a brighter, more harmonious world.


Photo By Phygital Sustainability Expo by Sustainable Fashion Innovation Society

Autore: GODINA Ksenija
Sociologist with expertise in human resources

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